A zero-knowledge sync & messaging framework for your app, built atop AWS & the Ethereum blockchain.

Truly secure cloud storage is a zero-knowledge platform. The content your app stores in the cloud cannot be read by us. This is due to client-side encryption, performed for you automatically by the open-source framework. You control read-permissions via modern cryptography. This gives your app the highest level of security, and ensures the privacy of your users.

Multi-device secure sync

The framework provides an easy (and secure) way to sync data across a user's devices. It supports everything from small objects to multi-gigabyte files. All the encryption, networking, push notifications, etc are handled for you.

Secure messaging

It used to be really hard to make a secure messaging client. Apps like Signal & WhatsApp get a lot of press for being secure. Today, you can write one in under an hour using the platform. Don't believe us? We made a video to prove it. But secure messaging shouldn't be restricted to messaging apps. What will you use it for?

Secure collaboration

Share files, folders & objects between users to create collaborative features in your app. You supply the ideas, and we'll supply the encryption. And the Ethereum blockchain integration will ensure the security of your users.

Modern cloud infrastructure is built using 100% serverless architecture atop of AWS to ensure scalability and provide a pure pay-as-you-go experience. By utilizing AWS, you get access to global infrastructure with 20 different geographic regions across the globe.


The Docs

The documentation is split into 3 main sections to make it easier to find what you're looking for.


Here you'll find high-level information discussing how the system works, how the architecture is setup, and various articles that explain the encryption, blockchain integration, authentication, etc.

Client-Side Developer

Ready to dive into some code? The client-side developer documentation jumps into the open-source framework, and discusses how to use it, and how it works.

Server-Side Integration

Ready to leverage the power of AWS, and take your app to the next level? comes with several server-side hooks you can use expand the functionality of your app.