Client-Side Development

You can find the GitHub repos here:

Sample Code

The repository comes with a few sample apps. Each sample app comes with a README file which explains how it works. When additional documentation is needed, it links back to here.


A Todo app is your standard "Hello World" when it comes to syncing data. This app demonstrates the basics. It also allows you to share a Todo list with others users, thus demonstrating how easy it is to add collaboration features to your app.


A simple messaging app. And since it's built atop ZeroDark, this means all messages flowing through the server are encrypted end-to-end. The server is not capable of reading any of the messages. It used to be really hard to make such an app. ZeroDark makes it easy.

Getting Started


Once you understand the basics, use the tutorials to walk through the development process:

  • Walk through the process of downloading, from start to finish
  • Learn about mapping from nodes to your custom objects

Tools of the Trade

The framework is split into multiple classes, based on functionality. Learn about the tools at your disposal.

  • The DownloadManager handles all of your downloading needs
  • The DiskManager assists you in caching & persisting files to disk
  • The ImageManager simplifies the process of fetching, manipulating & displaying images
  • The NodeManager provides various tools to explore the treesystem
  • The DatabaseKeyManager provides a powerful & secure key management system
  • The ProgressManager tells you what network operations are in-flight