ZeroDark.cloud is a zero-knowledge sync & messaging framework for your app. It allows your app to:

  • store user data in the cloud
  • sync user data across devices
  • send messages between users
  • share content between users (collaboration)

It achieves all of this using a zero-knowledge system. This means the content is encrypted end-to-end. And the ZeroDark servers are unable to decrypt the content stored in the cloud. (i.e. ZeroDark servers cannot read any of the content generated by your app.)

Enterprises use ZeroDark to protect against data breaches.

Indie developers use ZeroDark as an AWS-based alternative to Google Firebase, and to provide a pay-as-you-go business model.

Web3 developers use ZeroDark for its blockchain integration, and zero-trust model.


Truly secure cloud storage

ZeroDark.cloud is a zero-knowledge platform. The content your app stores in the cloud cannot be read by us. This is due to client-side encryption, performed for you automatically by the open-source framework. You control read-permissions via modern cryptography. This gives your app the highest level of security, and ensures the privacy of your users.

Multi-device secure sync

The framework provides an easy (and secure) way to sync data across a user's devices. It supports everything from small objects to multi-gigabyte files. All the encryption, networking, push notifications, etc are handled for you.

Secure messaging

It used to be really hard to make a secure messaging client. Apps like Signal & WhatsApp get a lot of press for being secure. Today, anybody can write one using the ZeroDark framework. In fact, the repository comes with a sample app called "WhatsZapp" that demonstrates just how easy this is.

Secure collaboration

Share files, folders & objects between users to create collaborative features in your app. You supply the ideas, and we'll supply the encryption. And the Ethereum blockchain integration will ensure the security of your users.

Modern cloud infrastructure

ZeroDark.cloud is built using 100% serverless architecture atop of AWS to ensure scalability and provide a pure pay-as-you-go experience. By utilizing AWS, you get access to global infrastructure with 20 different geographic regions across the globe.

The ZeroDark.cloud platform is a combination of several technologies.

Client-Side Framework

The client framework is open-source. You add this framework to your app, and then write minimal code to sync data with the cloud. The framework handles most of the tasks for you, such as:

  • uploading & downloading files
  • all encryption & decryption
  • sync & messaging related tasks
  • handling push notifications
  • etc

It also comes with optional UI components you can use to quickly put together a full user experience.

Since all encryption & decryption is done client-side, in an open-source framework, you can verify that all data being uploaded to the cloud is encrypted.

Other companies provide cloud storage that is air-quotes-secure. It's "secure" because they say it's secure. And you're told to trust them because they have "experienced people" protecting their servers.

With ZeroDark.cloud the content is truly secure. Read-permissions are enforced using modern cryptography, not by brittle administrative policies.


Amazon Web Services

The ZeroDark server infastructure is built atop AWS. We manage all of the systems that directly interact with the client-side framework. However we also provide optional hooks and access for your own server(s).

You can use ZeroDark as a base layer to build upon. You get an open-source client-side framework that handles syncing data with the cloud. The basic cloud infastructure is handled for you. And you have a guarantee that the company providing the infrastructure is incapable of reading any of the content generated by your app. (A guarantee enforced with cryptography that you can audit.) And once the data arrives in the cloud, it's sitting in an S3 bucket, and your servers can optionally be notified about it.


Flexible Cryptography

The client framework ensures that we (the ZeroDark team) cannot read the content you store in the cloud. You have full control over who can read the content. This is all controlled in the code, and you're the one writing the code. This gives you the flexibility to achieve your goals. All of the following are possible, on a per-file basis:

  • Only Alice can read the file.
  • Only Alice & Bob can read the file.
  • Only Alice + members of her team.
  • Only Alice + the root hospital key (e.g. to comply with industry regulations)
  • Only Alice + your server

With ZeroDark you get the fine-grained permissions you've always longed for. And these permissions are enforced with cryptography. (Every cloud file is encrypted with a different 512-bit key.)


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